SPECIAL ISSUE GENDER EQUALITY – March 2018 – The Council on Business & Society ·

46 pages of articles from experts, faculty and students around the world working with – and for – the member schools of the Council on Business & Society.

Compiled and edited by Tom Gamble, the Council on Business & Society

©Council on Business & Society 2018 ISBN: 978-2-36456-175-5

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Special Gender Equality: 52492b_4f6124f397c54ba98d8c1bd4ce113565


-Women and power: A complex relationship by Viviane de Beaufort
-Is there a gender trade-off in the finance sector? by Angèle Dennebouy, Louis Labonne, Baptiste Léonard de Juvigny
-Into the lives of women entrepreneurs in Brazil by Tales Andreassi
-‘She’ is not ‘masculine’: How language may shape a woman’s career promise by Anne Jeny, Estefania Santacreu-Vasut
-China: How large is the arena for women entrepreneurs? by Jinyun Sun
-10,000 women Goldman Sachs project at FGV-EAESP by Maria José Tonelli and Tales Andreassi
-Diversity disrupts – both people and organisations should embrace this by Junko Takagi
-Diversity on corporate boards by Viviane de Beaufort
-Women on boards: Of gender and power by Viviane de Beaufort, Karin Thornburn, Noreen Doyle, Susan Lindenauer