Each year, Russell Reynolds Associates interviews  institutional and activist investors, pension fund managers, public company directors, proxy advisors, and other corporate governance professionals in five key markets regarding the trends and challenges that public company boards will face in the following

It appears that  board quality and composition both collectively and individually is a key issue for 2018? « What is also interesting for me as i am working on these issues since 3 years  is activism and a potential opposition  between long-term and short-term value approach depending on investors » …

In European Union, the implementation of the Shareholders’ Rights Directive is a key issue  both with  executive remuneration ;  consequences of BREXIT and the consultation on the Stewardship Code for investors; Climate change and sustainability remain an investor-driven.

In France there could be a focus on board effectiveness and chairman independance,  more direct dialogue with investors and a strategy including all stakeholders interests.

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Viviane De Beaufort

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